Enjoy your visit to the Ouachita, the South's oldest and largest National Forest.
We want your visit to be enjoyable.
Please abide by State and Federal laws.

Some regulatlons to remember:
-Camping on the forest floor is restricted to a total of 30 days at one time.
-The site must be occupied the entire time. (No parking of trailer Just to save a
site for later in the season). .
-Sites cannot be reserved with signs.
-Baiting of same species is not allowed.
-All tree stands must be tagged with a name and address and be removed after
14 days.
-Shooting from or across a drivable road is prohibited.
-A new Oklahoma state law requires the use of helmets by ATV riders under the
age of 18 and also prohibits anyone from carrying passengers on ATV's not
designed for that.

-Roads blocked by earth or rock barriers, posts, gates, or signs are closed to
vehicle traffic. ATV's are not allowed on power lines or road rlght-of- ways.
-Do not leave a fire unattended at any time. Please put It out completely when you
leave to go home.
-Removal of forest products (rocks, moss, etc) or cutting of trees for firewood Is
prohibited without a permit. You can use already dead or downed wood for
Please help us keep your National Forest clean and healthy by removing all trash
and litter when you leave.

For more Information: www.aokforests.com or call office:  1-580-494-6402
After hours: Law Enforcement Officer John BaIl  1-580-212-6412